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Senior CI/CD Engineer



Posted on Monday, May 15, 2023

As stewards of the Polkadot and Substrate ecosystem, Parity is laying the foundation for a better web which respects the freedom and data of individuals and empowers developers to create better services through decentralised technology. The internet is too important to billions of people for it to be at the mercy of a few powerful companies.

With a remote-first, global team of 340+ people, Parity is building open-source technologies for developers and organisations to implement and build upon. Our Web3 tech stack includes Polkadot, Substrate, and Kusama.

We believe in a decentralised web that respects the freedom and data of individuals and empowers developers to create better services. Our vision is to create a world based on truthful, rather than trustful, interactions. Our mission is to make Polkadot the most active and innovative community in blockchain.

People in our collective are:

  • Highly motivated to contribute to Parity’s mission and be part of something bigger
  • Excited to work on projects that are groundbreaking and complex
  • Autonomous workers that self-initiate, but also collaborate well with others
  • Taking maximum accountability and having minimum ego at work
  • Comfortable with chaos and adapting to the ever-changing Web3 space
  • Continuously educating themselves about Parity and the wider ecosystem

About the position:

This role is for experienced software engineers who are capable of delivering, starting from greenfield and going into an accomplished solution that could be maintained and iterated upon. We provide a high degree of trust, freedom, and autonomy for people to achieve that goal. The role’s primary responsibility is to research and develop the technology that will allow us to speed up Rust compilation in the complex CI environments. There are no restrictions on the engineering decisions, let it be Bazel or something else, or if it’ll make sense to develop such a system from scratch - feel free to push your engineering opinion and creativity, we’re always open for the deliverables that improve and shorten development feedback loops.

About the team

Parity Technologies is looking for a senior CI/CD Engineer for its dedicated CI/CD team to lead the effort of engineering the caching system for our Rust-based CI workloads from scratch.

About you:

  • You can code. Most probably you’ll be in charge of developing our own in-house Kubernetes caching operator, so practical Go knowledge is preferred, but if you have enough coding experience and don’t see any problem to use Go to deliver the things instead of your favorite language, that’s also more than ok.
  • Know the anatomy of Linux. Of course no hardcore Linux kernel’s internal peculiarities are required, but the person should know its way around different distro flavors, e.g. libc/musl-based, “container-optimized”, etc.
  • No Rust experience is required, but the knowledge of how Cargo handles fingerprinting of its compilation units is an advantage.
  • You have seen enough Kubernetes to have this special love/hate relationship with it, know most dos and don'ts about Kubernetes and its ecosystem.
  • You can figure out or already know how to build, package and distribute any kind of open-source software for the Linux-based infrastructure.
  • You know how container runtimes work and what are the differences between containerd and CRI-O and why Docker was abandoned as the CRI for Kubernetes.
  • You have some experience with Ansible and Terraform, these are the primary tools in our IaC toolbelt, but this particular role doesn’t require some intricate experience with those.
  • You have worked with or at least tried Red Hat’s primary tools in their “container stack”: Podman, Buildah, Skopeo. No OpenShift experience is required.
  • You have worked with GitLab, know its CI syntax. GitHub Actions experience is greatly encouraged, as we’ll be migrating some of our CI pipelines’ definitions to the GHA.
  • Previous experience with managing on-premises infrastructure for running GHA-based workloads is a huge plus. The hands-on experience with running and operating the Actions Runner Controller is another advantage too.
  • The industrial experience with Bazel (or even better, Bazel on Kubernetes) could be a massive advantage that supersedes some other requirements/nice-to-haves (e.g. practical Go experience or knowledge about Cargo fingerprinting).

About working for us:

  • Competitive remuneration packages based on iterative market research, including tokens (where legally possible)
  • “Future of work” environment that’s remote-first and self-initiating with flexible hours
  • Team mates that are genuinely excited about their impact and projects
  • Access to the brightest minds in this space to learn about Web3 and develop your skills and knowledge while on the job
  • Becoming part of the wider ecosystem (career and networking opportunities)
  • Team and company-wide retreats
  • Work laptop
  • Opportunity to relocate to Germany or Portugal (with visa sponsorship)

Those joining our collective as an employee in Germany, Portugal, and the U.K. also enjoy benefits such as health care, parental leave, PTO (28 days per year), local team events, yearly L&D budget, and language classes.

Parity is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We welcome diversity in our global team and care about everyone in our collective feeling included and welcome.

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