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Quant or Actuarian for Market Making / Liquidity Balancing / Sportsbook Modeling



Remote · Los Angeles, CA, USA · Venice, Italy
Posted on Wednesday, June 9, 2021

The team
We are a bunch of super degens obsessed with building the most intuitive, decentralized short-term prediction platform in the world. Gamified to perfection and enjoyable for our players, while providing real short-term speculative and hedging services. We have built out a platform that allows bids on the price of volatile assets, like Ether, with a lot more to come.

Quant / Marking Making / Gaming Wiz
Have you worked on market making simulations or sports-book? Do the words DEFI, arbitrage, hedging excite you? Liquidity providing (LP) is a major component in our game mechanics. There are always two sides to bids. LP pool capital has to be carefully balanced in each 4-10 minute price prediction game, such that pool profits on average must be net neutral to positive, while the market still remains high risk and high reward for our bidders. You will be working with our applied mathematician to design and backtest models.


  1. Simulate betting with capital drawn from LP-Pool through backtesting data on price feeds of ETH, Gamestop, etc
  2. Create multiple simulation models that minimize risk and consistently make profits for the pool.
  3. Preferably use python/R for creating models along with easy to understand graphs and analytics.


  1. 2-5 years experience in statistics/mathematical simulations.
  2. 2+ years experience in creating quantitative simulations for options, exchanges or any similar financial product.
  3. Knowledge in Python for simulations and its libraries to create highly intuitive comparative graphs/analytics.
  4. Knowledge in Crypto, DeFi, liquidity pools, and market making - sports books is a plus.

Compensation will include a generous equity vesting allocation contingent on long-term commitment and/or superior output.